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Carelin production performance analysis – a tool for recognizing waste

The key issue for wind turbine owners is the amount of energy produced by their turbines. It is budgeted, and expectations are based on it, it is the cornerstone of business activity. Many factors influence the amount of production, the biggest perhaps being wind conditions. Wind is naturally something that can only be influenced to a very limited extent, but there are also such factors that can be improved.

There is typically a service contract between the wind turbine owner and the turbine supplier that ensures a certain level of availability in case of turbine malfunction. The contract ensures a certain technical level of performance, for example based on the power curve. However, it is often the case that the turbine supplier is solely responsible for monitoring the terms of the availability warranty specified in the contract. Furthermore, the typical warranty does not protect against certain types of production loss, such as one caused by icing conditions. Without regular monitoring it is therefore difficult for the owner to know whether the turbine’s performance is in fact following the promised power curve.

Power curve

Pic 1. A turbine`s performing in power curve.


The factors that cause production loss must first be recognized and analyzed, only after that can the underlying root causes be eliminated. This is where Carelin Production Performance Analysis can step in to help the wind turbine owner!

Carelin Production Performance Analysis: An independent monitoring service for wind turbine owners

A turbine can stop for many reasons, and depending on the cause, production loss is either the owner’s or the maintenance provider’s responsibility. Carelin Production Performance Analysis offers the possibility to analyze such production loss in a way that is independent of the turbine supplier. This increases the owner’s awareness and ensures that possible compensations due to production losses are according to contract.

For the turbine supplier, power curves may not be the most essential thing to monitor regularly, whereas for the owner, the underachievement of their machinery causes immediate production losses. Underachievement in this area is not shown in availability-based monitoring, even though it can cause a production loss of up to 10 % in yearly production. Carelin Production Performance Analysis visualizes power curves over a certain monitoring period and specifies the turbine’s over- or underachievement in megawatt-hours and euros.

Icing conditions cause production losses especially in the north. Icing can reduce yearly production by per cents or even dozens of per cents depending on the turbine and its location. There are many ways to prevent icing, but their cost-effectiveness depends significantly on the amount of production loss caused by the icing. Carelin Production Performance Analysis visualizes the extent of production loss caused by icing, which helps the owner make justified investment decisions.



Pic 2. A turbine`s production loss visualization. Icing loss illustrated in blue.



What can carelin production performance analysis visualize


The service is tailored to the owner’s needs, but Carelin Production Performance Analysis can be used to visualize for example the following:

  • Distribution of production over a monitoring period
  • Distribution of production loss over a monitoring period
  • Turbine`s performance in power curve
  • Distribution of production loss caused by icing over a monitoring period
  • Defining individual events that caused production loss and arranging them in order of importance
  • Identifying the location and extent of data outages
  • More detailed analysis of various special situations based on data


Pic 3. Production fleet`s individual production loss events over a monitoring period.


production distribution

Pic 4. Production fleet`s production distribution over a monitoring period.


Carelin Production Performance Analysis Q&A


What is Carelin Production Performance Analysis based on?

It is based on data from the turbine recorded in the SCADA system. In other words, using Carelin Production Performance Analysis does not necessitate any new installments or investments for the wind farm. The only requirement is access to SCADA data.

What makes Carelin Production Performance Analysis worthwhile?

The ability to reveal waste. When waste is clearly displayed, it is easier to find measures to eliminate it.

What can a wind turbine owner gain from using Carelin Production Performance Analysis?

Icing and power curve underachievement can reduce the turbine’s yearly production by dozens of per cents. Recognizing the extent of such waste is the first step in eliminating the production loss it causes. The owner can also use Carelin Production Performance Analysis to verify the accuracy of the turbine supplier’s reporting and ensure that the terms of the availability warranty are met.

What can I do to launch Carelin Production Performance Analysis?

Contact us to arrange a meeting and we can discuss the possibilities together. Carelin can provide Carelin Production Performance Analysis through a user interface installed for the owner, or for example as monthly visualizations. No system investments are required.

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