Carelin ajankohtaista - taustakuva


Carelin in the largest solar photovoltaic project in Finland!

S-Voima will implement the largest roof top solar photovoltaic project in Nordic. Solar panels will be installed on the roof of about 40 S Group facilities in the coming year.

Carelin participates this large scale project by providing Owner`s Engineer and safety coordinator services for the Investor. Carelin's task is to ensure that the project will be implemented according to safety and qualitative requirements.

“Safety is a critical factor for success of the project. We trust the Carelin team’s expertise and experience in demanding projects.”- Mikko Halonen, Managing director S-Voima

"This is a great opportunity for us to build on renewable energy in this size solar photovoltaic project. Our agile Carelin-team combines technical control and safety coordination in the same package in a project that has different installation sites that are geographically located in a wide area. "- Ville Alatalo, CEO Carelin


Further information:

Carelin Oy / Ville Alatalo, +358 40 910 1286

S-Voima / Mikko Halonen, +358 10 7682 064