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Carelin and S-Voima cooperation continues in photovoltaic projects

Carelin has signed an agreement with S-Voima, the S Ryhmä's electricity supplier, for the Owner`s Engineer service. The services are related to S-Voima's second photovoltaic project, which will build solar power plants on the roofs of approximately 20 S-Ryhmä's facilities throughout Finland this autumn. Carelin's responsibility consists of the client's project management tasks, the role of the builder’s safety coordinator, and technical supervision. In addition to supervising the quality and safety of installations on the client side, Carelin team also takes care on communication with the regional cooperatives involved from the S-Ryhmä side. One of the key elements in the role of Owner´s Engineer is to help solving the project challenges together with the needed stakeholders. Cooperation is a continuation to the first S-Voima photovoltaic project with nearly 40 locations.

"Continuing our cooperation and expanding Carelin's role was an easy decision for us. We need knowledgeable partners to ensure that installed systems last and function throughout the life cycle. It is important that systems are delivered as planned and safety is taken into account." - Mikko Halonen, CEO S-Voima

"We are excited to continue to work with S-Voima on solar photovoltaic investments. It is great to see that the Carelin team is a trusted partner in executing major renewable energy projects. " - Ville Alatalo, CEO Carelin


Further information:

Carelin Oy / Ville Alatalo, +358 40 910 1286

S-Voima / Mikko Halonen, +358 50 440 4811