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Carelin and OX2 starts cooperation!

OX2 has taken investment decision to construct four wind farms in Finland. The four projects are together the largest subsidy-free wind power construction in the Nordic countries with a total of 25 wind turbines and a combined capacity of 107.4 MW. IKEA Finland is financing the construction, with the commitment to acquire the farms once they are fully operational in the beginning of 2020.

Carelin has signed an agreement with OX2 and is providing Site Manager services for two wind farms, Ponsivuori (Kurikka) and Verhonkulma (Marttila). Site Manager’s responsibility is to manage the daily operations on-site by co-operating with different stakeholders and coordinating all aspects of the works including safety coordination. The focus is to ensure that the project is fulfilling the qualitative requirements and completed in agreed.

"The Carelin has shown high level understanding into customer needs. Their ability to find right resources and negotiate effectively has shown their commitment. I’m waiting with high expectations co-operation with them to achieve common target in the projects." – Pasi Tammivaara, Project Director OX2

"This is important milestone to Carelin and we are excited to expand our team and to start cooperation with OX2. We believe that our site managers’ experience and Carelin’s customer-oriented way of working will provide great value to these investment projects." - Ville Alatalo, CEO Carelin


Further information:

Carelin Oy / Ville Alatalo, +358 40 910 1286

OX2 / Pasi Tammivaara, +358 40 803 3177