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Carelin and Despro collaborate on Neoen's Yllikkälä Power Reserve One 30MW energy storage plant

Neoen, one of the world's leading producers of renewable energy, is building a new battery storage unit “Yllikkälä Power Reserve One” in South-East of Finland. The storage will be the first over 10MW high-capacity battery to be connected to the Finnish power grid. The storage capacity of the battery is 30 MWh and it will be the largest battery storage unit ever built in the Nordic.

Carelin and Despro are collaborating on this significant project, which benefits the entire Finnish electricity system as the battery energy storage will be able to balance the power grid frequency changes very quickly.

Carelin’s role as owners engineer includes overall responsibility for the project. Despro complements the owners engineer team with its own electrical engineering experts and with a local supervisor resource. The cooperation enables flexible and exceptionally wide range of expertise for the customer. This includes expertise in HSE, electrical engineering and civil engineering.

The new type of cooperation has proceeded smoothly based on previous collaboration between Carelin and Despro. In addition, a development-oriented and customer driven culture has been a unifying force that brings confidence to cooperation and enables to take on new challenges.

“The Yllikkälä project is already the second multimegawatt-class battery energy storage project in the role of owner-engineer for Carelin. It’s great to be involved in the new industry, supporting Neoen in an ambitious investment that is important to our electricity grid. I am proud to lead the owners engineer team, whose expertise covers all stages of the investment project and which enables the work to be carried out safely and successfully." says Jaakko Ala-Reinikka, owners engineer team lead from Carelin.

“Due to growing share of the renewable energy, need of reserve and balancing energy in the electricity markets is increasing. Therefore battery energy storage systems are vital for leveling the fluctuation of the electricity production. It is great to be part of the team of experts and to be able to see construction and commissioning of this new technology in a big scale – without compromising safety in the working methods.” commented Ville Kenttämaa, Despro's construction and supervision expert.

The construction works in Yllikkälä are in progress, and battery storage will be completed in the coming months.