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Carelin and Despro collaborate on Neoen's Yllikkälä Power Reserve One 30MW energy storage plant

Neoen, one of the world's leading producers of renewable energy, is building a new battery storage unit “Yllikkälä Power Reserve One” in South-East of Finland. The storage will be the first over 10MW high-capacity battery to be connected to the Finnish power grid. The storage capacity of the battery is 30 MWh and it will be the largest battery storage unit ever built in the Nordic.

Carelin and Despro are collaborating on this significant project, which benefits the entire Finnish electricity system as the battery energy storage will be able to balance the power grid frequency changes very quickly.

Carelin’s role as owners engineer includes overall responsibility for the project. Despro complements the owners engineer team with its own electrical engineering experts and with a local supervisor resource. The cooperation enables flexible and exceptionally wide range of expertise for the customer. This includes expertise in HSE, electrical engineering and civil engineering.

The new type of cooperation has proceeded smoothly based on previous collaboration between Carelin and Despro. In addition, a development-oriented and customer driven culture has been a unifying force that brings confidence to cooperation and enables to take on new challenges.

“The Yllikkälä project is already the second multimegawatt-class battery energy storage project in the role of owner-engineer for Carelin. It’s great to be involved in the new industry, supporting Neoen in an ambitious investment that is important to our electricity grid. I am proud to lead the owners engineer team, whose expertise covers all stages of the investment project and which enables the work to be carried out safely and successfully." says Jaakko Ala-Reinikka, owners engineer team lead from Carelin.

“Due to growing share of the renewable energy, need of reserve and balancing energy in the electricity markets is increasing. Therefore battery energy storage systems are vital for leveling the fluctuation of the electricity production. It is great to be part of the team of experts and to be able to see construction and commissioning of this new technology in a big scale – without compromising safety in the working methods.” commented Ville Kenttämaa, Despro's construction and supervision expert.

The construction works in Yllikkälä are in progress, and battery storage will be completed in the coming months.


Carelin-team is growing!

Although the spring of 2020 has been a little out of the ordinary, in wind power industry we believe in the future - energetic engineers will be needed!

We got three new colleagues in April! Site Engineers Jussi Jurmu and Tero Poikajärvi started at the Oulu area, and we will write more about them in the coming weeks.

Ville Peijariniemi, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Power Engineering, started at the Tampere office. Ville has a strong background in power grid and substation projects in terms of transmission grid, distribution grid and wind farms. As an S1 qualified electrician, Ville strengthens our team in electrical engineering and focuses on helping customers with the wind farm construction projects and operational issues.

The picture shows the men of the Tampere office at a Corona distance from each other and the Corona beards brushed :)


Ossi Perälä moved from our team towards new challenges - we would like to thank Ossi very much for the joint journey and wish him success for the future!


Carelin-Team Provides Project Management Services for the 151MW Wind Farm

TuuliWatti Oy is constructing one of Finland’s largest wind farms in the Simo Sarvisuo region of southwestern Lapland. Twenty-seven wind turbines with nominal power of 5.6 megawatt will be built in the area using the industry's latest and most efficient technologies. When completed, the 151megawatt wind farm will have an annual production of more than 0.5 terawatt hours - equivalent to over 8 percent of all wind power generated last year in Finland.

Carelin has already been involved in the Simo Sarvisuo project's feasibility study and bidding phases of BoP-contractors and will provide the builder’s project management services for Tuuliwatti during the construction phase. In context of the project's preparatory work, Carelin compared implementation models between various contract models and technical implementation approaches. The main focus was on civil engineering, substation, internal grid construction and commenting on the turbine supplier's specifications and communicating with the turbine supplier in these areas. The purpose of comparing implementation model is to help Tuuliwatti to find a new cost-effective project implementation model.

After generating the project implementation plan, preliminary design and assessing the cost level of the project, Carelin has been responsible for the contractor negotiations and the project kick off. Carelin's role during construction phase is to help the builder to ensure the project is safely executed and meets the technical requirements within the defined schedule. There is close cooperation with the builder, turbine supplier, BoP contractors, landowners, authorities and other stakeholders.

“For the Tuuliwatti Sarvisuo project, we have built a team of experts from different areas of expertise, led by a project manager. This ensures the successful completion of the project for the builder, beginning with tree-removal and up to supervision of the turbine delivery and financial closing of the project.”

-Ville Alatalo, CEO Carelin


Carelin and S-Voima cooperation continues in photovoltaic projects

Carelin has signed an agreement with S-Voima, the S Ryhmä's electricity supplier, for the Owner`s Engineer service. The services are related to S-Voima's second photovoltaic project, which will build solar power plants on the roofs of approximately 20 S-Ryhmä's facilities throughout Finland this autumn. Carelin's responsibility consists of the client's project management tasks, the role of the builder’s safety coordinator, and technical supervision. In addition to supervising the quality and safety of installations on the client side, Carelin team also takes care on communication with the regional cooperatives involved from the S-Ryhmä side. One of the key elements in the role of Owner´s Engineer is to help solving the project challenges together with the needed stakeholders. Cooperation is a continuation to the first S-Voima photovoltaic project with nearly 40 locations.

"Continuing our cooperation and expanding Carelin's role was an easy decision for us. We need knowledgeable partners to ensure that installed systems last and function throughout the life cycle. It is important that systems are delivered as planned and safety is taken into account." - Mikko Halonen, CEO S-Voima

"We are excited to continue to work with S-Voima on solar photovoltaic investments. It is great to see that the Carelin team is a trusted partner in executing major renewable energy projects. " - Ville Alatalo, CEO Carelin


Further information:

Carelin Oy / Ville Alatalo, +358 40 910 1286

S-Voima / Mikko Halonen, +358 50 440 4811


Carelin production performance analysis – a tool for recognizing waste

The key issue for wind turbine owners is the amount of energy produced by their turbines. It is budgeted, and expectations are based on it, it is the cornerstone of business activity. Many factors influence the amount of production, the biggest perhaps being wind conditions. Wind is naturally something that can only be influenced to a very limited extent, but there are also such factors that can be improved.

There is typically a service contract between the wind turbine owner and the turbine supplier that ensures a certain level of availability in case of turbine malfunction. The contract ensures a certain technical level of performance, for example based on the power curve. However, it is often the case that the turbine supplier is solely responsible for monitoring the terms of the availability warranty specified in the contract. Furthermore, the typical warranty does not protect against certain types of production loss, such as one caused by icing conditions. Without regular monitoring it is therefore difficult for the owner to know whether the turbine’s performance is in fact following the promised power curve.

Power curve

Pic 1. A turbine`s performing in power curve.


The factors that cause production loss must first be recognized and analyzed, only after that can the underlying root causes be eliminated. This is where Carelin Production Performance Analysis can step in to help the wind turbine owner!

Carelin Production Performance Analysis: An independent monitoring service for wind turbine owners

A turbine can stop for many reasons, and depending on the cause, production loss is either the owner’s or the maintenance provider’s responsibility. Carelin Production Performance Analysis offers the possibility to analyze such production loss in a way that is independent of the turbine supplier. This increases the owner’s awareness and ensures that possible compensations due to production losses are according to contract.

For the turbine supplier, power curves may not be the most essential thing to monitor regularly, whereas for the owner, the underachievement of their machinery causes immediate production losses. Underachievement in this area is not shown in availability-based monitoring, even though it can cause a production loss of up to 10 % in yearly production. Carelin Production Performance Analysis visualizes power curves over a certain monitoring period and specifies the turbine’s over- or underachievement in megawatt-hours and euros.

Icing conditions cause production losses especially in the north. Icing can reduce yearly production by per cents or even dozens of per cents depending on the turbine and its location. There are many ways to prevent icing, but their cost-effectiveness depends significantly on the amount of production loss caused by the icing. Carelin Production Performance Analysis visualizes the extent of production loss caused by icing, which helps the owner make justified investment decisions.



Pic 2. A turbine`s production loss visualization. Icing loss illustrated in blue.



What can carelin production performance analysis visualize


The service is tailored to the owner’s needs, but Carelin Production Performance Analysis can be used to visualize for example the following:

  • Distribution of production over a monitoring period
  • Distribution of production loss over a monitoring period
  • Turbine`s performance in power curve
  • Distribution of production loss caused by icing over a monitoring period
  • Defining individual events that caused production loss and arranging them in order of importance
  • Identifying the location and extent of data outages
  • More detailed analysis of various special situations based on data


Pic 3. Production fleet`s individual production loss events over a monitoring period.


production distribution

Pic 4. Production fleet`s production distribution over a monitoring period.


Carelin Production Performance Analysis Q&A


What is Carelin Production Performance Analysis based on?

It is based on data from the turbine recorded in the SCADA system. In other words, using Carelin Production Performance Analysis does not necessitate any new installments or investments for the wind farm. The only requirement is access to SCADA data.

What makes Carelin Production Performance Analysis worthwhile?

The ability to reveal waste. When waste is clearly displayed, it is easier to find measures to eliminate it.

What can a wind turbine owner gain from using Carelin Production Performance Analysis?

Icing and power curve underachievement can reduce the turbine’s yearly production by dozens of per cents. Recognizing the extent of such waste is the first step in eliminating the production loss it causes. The owner can also use Carelin Production Performance Analysis to verify the accuracy of the turbine supplier’s reporting and ensure that the terms of the availability warranty are met.

What can I do to launch Carelin Production Performance Analysis?

Contact us to arrange a meeting and we can discuss the possibilities together. Carelin can provide Carelin Production Performance Analysis through a user interface installed for the owner, or for example as monthly visualizations. No system investments are required.

Interested? Ready to arrange a meeting?


Jaakko Ala-Reinikka

Operational Excellence Manager

+358 44 4252807


New members to Carelin-team!

3.12.2018 was important day for Carelin-team! We had possibility to expand our team with two professionals; Matti Latva-Hirvelä and Mauno Torvikoski. Matti has strong background from supervision and site manager tasks in civil works and road maintenance. Mauno has huge experience of wind farm construction and other site manager tasks from energy sector.

At Carelin Matti and Mauno will take Site Manager responsibilities within Project Care services and work has already started with two new construction projects together with our customer. We are really looking forward to help our customers to earn more together with these great gentlemans.  Please welcome our new Site Managers!


Carelin and OX2 starts cooperation!

OX2 has taken investment decision to construct four wind farms in Finland. The four projects are together the largest subsidy-free wind power construction in the Nordic countries with a total of 25 wind turbines and a combined capacity of 107.4 MW. IKEA Finland is financing the construction, with the commitment to acquire the farms once they are fully operational in the beginning of 2020.

Carelin has signed an agreement with OX2 and is providing Site Manager services for two wind farms, Ponsivuori (Kurikka) and Verhonkulma (Marttila). Site Manager’s responsibility is to manage the daily operations on-site by co-operating with different stakeholders and coordinating all aspects of the works including safety coordination. The focus is to ensure that the project is fulfilling the qualitative requirements and completed in agreed.

"The Carelin has shown high level understanding into customer needs. Their ability to find right resources and negotiate effectively has shown their commitment. I’m waiting with high expectations co-operation with them to achieve common target in the projects." – Pasi Tammivaara, Project Director OX2

"This is important milestone to Carelin and we are excited to expand our team and to start cooperation with OX2. We believe that our site managers’ experience and Carelin’s customer-oriented way of working will provide great value to these investment projects." - Ville Alatalo, CEO Carelin


Further information:

Carelin Oy / Ville Alatalo, +358 40 910 1286

OX2 / Pasi Tammivaara, +358 40 803 3177


Carelin involved in constructing highest wind turbines in Finland

TuuliWatti is constructing new windfarm locating in Ii Viinamäki. Investment is the first this size pure market driven wind farm investment in Scandinavia. The project has been officially started and a new wind farm will be in production in 2019. New technology and Finland's highest towers make it possible the project to be fully implemented without the subsidies from society. The wind farm consists of Vestas V150 turbines that are having a nominal power of 4.2 MW. With a hub height of 175 meters and a rotor diameter of 150 meters, the total height of the turbines is 250 meters.
Carelin has been working together with Tuuliwatti in the feasibility and bidding phases (BoP -contractor) and is providing Owner’s Engineer services for the wind farm construction phase. Carelin’s role on the investor’s side is to ensure that the project will be implemented according to safety and qualitative requirements within the agreed schedule. The cooperation is close with the investor, turbine supplier, BoP contractor, landowners, authorities and other stakeholders.
The Carelin team is looking forward to taking part in the next step in Wind Energy sector and helping to implement the projects in a new investment environment.


Carelin in the largest solar photovoltaic project in Finland!

S-Voima will implement the largest roof top solar photovoltaic project in Nordic. Solar panels will be installed on the roof of about 40 S Group facilities in the coming year.

Carelin participates this large scale project by providing Owner`s Engineer and safety coordinator services for the Investor. Carelin's task is to ensure that the project will be implemented according to safety and qualitative requirements.

“Safety is a critical factor for success of the project. We trust the Carelin team’s expertise and experience in demanding projects.”- Mikko Halonen, Managing director S-Voima

"This is a great opportunity for us to build on renewable energy in this size solar photovoltaic project. Our agile Carelin-team combines technical control and safety coordination in the same package in a project that has different installation sites that are geographically located in a wide area. "- Ville Alatalo, CEO Carelin


Further information:

Carelin Oy / Ville Alatalo, +358 40 910 1286

S-Voima / Mikko Halonen, +358 10 7682 064


New member to Carelin-team!

We are proud to extend our Carelin-team today, six months after founding the company. Please welcome our new Project Manager Mr. Jarkko Finnilä. Jarkko has proven track record of successful project management in demanding energy industry projects in Nordic countries. Jarkko is working in our Oulu office, but he is originally from the South Ostrobotnia which is of course big benefit in this team ;) On his first working day at Carelin, we are discussing about interesting near future projects together with our customer.


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