Introduction, Ville

Ville Alatalo, born 1984, a family man from Jalasjärvi, Finland. I have been presented with the amazing opportunity of developing Carelin’s business concept together with true wind power professionals. I have been involved with Carelin Ltd right from the start as an entrepreneur and CEO. My role in the company is first to keep things rolling and ensure that we have the means to serve our clients in the best possible way at each moment. Technology and people are two things that have always been dear to me, in both work and leisure, so I aim to be where things happen and where my skills are needed.

I completed my studies at Tampere University of Technology, in the field of mechanical engineering, and graduated as Master of Science in Technology in 2009. In my master’s thesis I studied the use of LEAN production philosophy in developing assembly in heavy metal industry. Since 2009 I have been involved in the electricity and energy industry in the role of component manufacturer and solution supplier. My working career at the frequency converter manufacturer Vacon, and later Danfoss Drives, has taught me a great deal. I have worked on various assignments starting from development functions at the Vaasa factory all the way to working in the leadership team of a global production technology organisation. I have been involved in building the project organisation of manufacturing and supply chain from the very beginning, harmonising processes and operation modes in the Vacon and Danfoss merger and in the latest phase my responsibility has been a 15-member team comprising of project managers and engineers working as part of a global organisation. With this team, together with stakeholders, we have committedly taken care of creating manufacturing capability for new products as well as other manufacturing project practices. Working for the project organisation of production means being constantly near the daily business activities, giving support and solving problems rapidly where they are born, while also considering the continuity of supply, efficiency, quality and safety – the client has always been important.

I have always been fascinated by entrepreneurship. I have always found that I enjoy an entrepreneurial approach and way of doing things. I believe that this combined with the right amount of competitiveness is something that has helped me forward in many phases of my life. Of course, genes may also have played a part in my becoming an entrepreneur as I am preceded by three generations of entrepreneurs. During my working career I have enhanced my skills for example with Six Sigma and LEAN training. I have also completed a development programme of management and leadership called JOKA at the Lévon Institute of Vaasa University. Despite my LEAN skills I am not a LEAN consultant who arrives with a bag full of theories and starts speaking Japanese. My competence comes from a setting where LEAN philosophy and tools have been successfully combined with common sense to get good results. Let’s work together to create the best future practises for wind power industry.

A competent team is a good base to build on. I have the will and ability to make things happen. Promises are taken seriously, and things are seen through to the finish line. In addition to engineering skills I see communication skills – doing things together – as highly important. In my opinion things don’t just happen, it’s people who are the resource that pushes things forward and achieves results. I am committed to helping our clients earn more.