Introduction, Jaakko

Jaakko Ala-Reinikka, born 1984, a family man from Kurikka, Finland. As Operational Excellence Manager of Carelin Ltd I oversee fulfilling our client mission. Before Carelin, I have worked in the wind power industry for 8.5 years in the Empower Group. I live in Tampere, Finland with my fiancée and our son. My hobbies include spending time at our summer cottage and keeping fit.

Becoming an entrepreneur has long been a dream of mine, probably thanks to growing up in an entrepreneur family. I find entrepreneurship fascinating because of the freedom to choose your own priorities in working for the best of the client. To me entrepreneurship does not in any way mean working alone, on the contrary, teamwork is the secret behind successful entrepreneurship.

After high school and military service, my studies lead me to Oulu university and the department of mechanical engineering. In 2010, I finished my master’s thesis concerning the maintenance of wind power plants, and graduated as Master of Science in Technology. I was able to start working in wind power maintenance already in 2009, playing apprentice to more experienced mechanics. I then gradually progressed to work assignments in designing maintenance practices and to supervisory tasks. My graduation coincided with a boom in wind power plant construction in Finland and I was able to be very much a part of that boom ever since 2010. My responsibilities began with the role of main contractor´s project manager in Finland and continued at a later stage to Sweden and having responsibility over the project management of the whole investment process. As program manager I was responsible for project portfolio management and supervisory duties. I was also involved in development, offer calculation, feasibility studies and sales assignments. In my latest role as Vice President, construction and maintenance services for all renewable energy sources were included in the business.

I have been able to work as either project or portfolio manager for nearly 300 MW worth of investments in Finland for seven years, and around 150 MW in Sweden since 2016. The Swedish project is still under construction. Being in charge of these investment projects has typically meant the project management of the main contract and the total investment. Working as a main contractor I not only became familiar with construction work itself but also got to work with millions worth of acquisitions and the contracts concerning them. As project manager of a large investment I gained experience in solving issues related to power plant providers in an international environment. In addition to these managing responsibilities I have completed delivery stage installation inspections for dozens of wind turbines in Finland during the past years.

During my working career I have regularly acquired further education as well as ensured that my skills are certified. My most significant accomplishments include my IPMA (International Project Management Association) certificates for project management. I received the Level C certification in 2014 and Level B certification in 2017. I have kept my working at heights qualifications up to date through regular medical examinations, fitness tests and for example GWO-trainings. I have also completed the Swedish BAS-U and BAS-P -trainings. My knowledge concerning Finnish and Swedish construction industry contracts (YSE and ABT) is also well up to date.

My strengths are in interacting with people. I am a social individual who likes working with people. On the other hand, I am very systematic and precise, whether it has to do with quality, efficiency or finances. I know how to lead people and business activities and I know the secrets of project management. I have an ambition to be truly good at what I do. In addition to Finnish, I have been known to successfully conduct business in English and Swedish as well. I am committed to making our clients earn more.