Introduction, Antero

Antero Lehtikangas, born 1966, a family man from Oulainen, Finland. As Technical Manager of Carelin Ltd I am mainly in charge of supporting the maintenance practices of wind turbines. At the moment Carelin is a part-time activity to me and my main occupation is as a power plant electrician at the Elenia district heating plant in Oulainen. My job includes different kinds of power plant and network construction duties, including independently repairing defects related to heat production and distribution. Before my career at Elenia I have worked in the power production and power grid industry. I started working for the Revon Sähkö electricity company in the 1980s and my employer changed to Empower Group in the 2000s as a result of trade sales. Through the years I have become familiar with hydro-power plants as well as high voltage substations. I live in Oulainen with my wife and youngest daughter. The rest of our four children our already living on their own. Hunting and fishing are my two great passions.

I have been practising the life of an entrepreneur already for some years as a sole trader, mainly working in wind turbine maintenance. To me, being an entrepreneur means seeing things through regardless of time or day of the week. I am resilient and ready to try even that very last trick or make that uncomfortable phone call, if it means I can get things solved. I want to succeed in what I do.

My first experience with wind power plants stems from the early 1990s, when Revon Sähkö acquired its first wind turbiness of some hundred kilowatts in capacity. At first my work with them was only part-time, but after the turn of the millennium I was practically working full time at turbines, high voltage sub stations and other surrounding infrastructure. I have gained experience from different kinds of inspections, but I have specialised in solving different kinds of challenging troubleshooting tasks around Finland and Europe. Troubleshooting, as well as many other practices, highlights the importance of teamwork. No one can solve challenging problems by themselves but persistence and help from the right people have been the key to solving many difficult problems. Working in the erection and commisioning of wind turbines is also something I am familiar with.

Through my strong experience I bring a genuine blue collar perspective to Carelin, but I also know how to look at things from the perspective of the owner and production. I am a professional of the electricity industry and I have the Finnish electrical qualification 2 (S2) for up to 1000 V electrical works. In addition, I have had fire extinguisher inspection rights since the 1980s and I have been inspecting wind turbine fire extinguishers for several years.

My strengths are a fair and open attitude towards others and the ability to build trust. I am a man of my words and I am easy to trust. At the same time, I also expect trust from others. With my own example I get people to do the right things. I am committed to helping our clients earn more.