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Our mission

Our company was founded in 2017 but our previous experience from the wind power industry expands over three decades. We do things our own way, but our actions are always guided by our clients’ wishes. Our main mission is to help our clients earn more. We at Carelin want to be your partner in enabling your strategic goals, not just someone executing orders.

We want to be entrepreneur-driven and we want to make sure that computers are harnessed to facilitate human actions and not vice versa. We want to be just the right size for the task at hand. We want to be agile but professional. We are at home with wind power technology, but even though we work among machines, we want to work with people. After all, it is always the people behind the machinery that make the difference.

Carelin operations are based on trust. We are extremely committed, resilient and persistent in achieving the goals set together with our clients. Our background and competence give us the unique ability to look at wind turbines from an owner’s perspective but with the eyes of a maintenance provider.

We believe that our expertise is valuable and can help our clients earn more. We want the productive capacity to be used to its fullest, whenever nature allows it, regardless of time or day of the week. We want to understand why production is interrupted and take actions to ensure that recurrent defects are eliminated. We want to increase the value of the productive capacity by eliminating waste when it is not at anyone’s expense. In other words, we want to reduce the occurrence of malfunctions and at the same time shorten the length of possible production outages they cause.

We at Carelin are very pragmatic and want to look at wind power production from the perspective of LEAN philosophy. We don’t complicate things and we are used to being where the action happens. We like to work with people day to day, to know what is going on, and we are flexible in moving to where we can be of most use. We know the systematic and efficient way of functioning that is common in manufacturing industry and we want to make that the norm in wind power production as well. We want to develop new ideas and ourselves together with our clients, not only by doing the right things but doing them right.

We want our clients to earn more now and in the future. We don’t appreciate short-sightedness in fault repairs, instead we want to use a systematic approach to maintain production capacity and the safety of the working environment even in the future. This work is not something we do alone, we do it together with other stakeholders such as maintenance providers and turbine owners.

Our experience

We at Carelin have extensive experience from the wind power industry. We have had the priviledge of being in the industry already when the first industrial-size wind turbines were built in Finland in the 1990s. During the 2000s we have been able to learn more about the maintenance of wind turbines as the partner of a Finnish turbine manufacturer all around Finland and the rest of Europe. In the wind power boom of the 2010s we have had a central role in the construction of wind farms and execution of investments. At the latest watershed we have been involved in successfully exporting Finnish wind power know-how to Sweden.

Our experience from wind power expands over the whole life cycle. We have been involved in siting and permitting new wind farms, verifying wind conditions, producing material for investment decisions and manufacturing components for wind turbines. We have been extensively involved in the construction of the entire wind farm investment, but also in the maintenance and asset management of the production phase.

We know the first Finnish wind turbines inside and out, but we have also been involved in building, installing, supervising and inspecting the more modern multi-megawatt turbines. We have worked with several different wind turbine manufacturers including Vestas, Siemens Gamesa, Nordex/Acciona, Hyundai and WinWinD. As an operator we are independent from the turbine supplier.

Carelin Oy - Chief Executive Officer, CEO - Ville Alatalo

Ville Alatalo
Chief Executive Officer, CEO
+358 40 910 1286

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Carelin Oy - Operational Excellence Manager - Jaakko Ala-Reinikka

Jaakko Ala-Reinikka
Operational Excellence Manager
+358 44 425 2807

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Carelin Oy - Technical Manager - Antero Lehtikangas

Antero Lehtikangas
Technical Manager
+358 40 664 5721

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Carelin Oy - Project Manager - Jarkko Finnilä

Jarkko Finnilä
Project Manager
+358 44 425 4351

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Carelin Oy - Site Manager - Matti Latva-Hirvelä

Matti Latva-Hirvelä
Site Manager
+358 40 062 2821

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Carelin Oy - Site Manager - Mauno Torvikoski

Mauno Torvikoski
Site Manager
+358 40 759 3721

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Carelin Oy - Site Manager - Josa Leskinen

Josa Leskinen
Site Manager
+358 40 179 9888

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Carelin Oy - Project Manager - Ville Peijariniemi

Ville Peijariniemi
Project Manager
+358 40 193 1686

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Carelin Oy - Project Engineer - Riina Kauppila

Riina Kauppila
Project Engineer
+358 40 418 9486

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Carelin Oy - Senior Business Intelligence Advisor - Vesa-Matti Teppo

Vesa-Matti Teppo
Senior Business Intelligence Advisor
+358 40 552 4036

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Carelin Oy - Site Engineer - Jussi Jurmu

Jussi Jurmu
Site Engineer
+358 50 321 8214

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Carelin Oy - Site Engineer - Tero Poikajärvi

Tero Poikajärvi
Site Engineer
+358 50 302 6644

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Carelin Oy - Site Manager - Janne Mäkinen

Janne Mäkinen
Site Manager
+358 44 523 0714

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Carelin Oy - Site Engineer - Henry Haataja

Henry Haataja
Site Engineer
+358 50 328 7456

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Carelin Oy - Project Manager - Juha Parkkari

Juha Parkkari
Project Manager
+358 40 752 2065

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